Laima the latest creation of Bell’s single line gliding kite series.
It glides gracefully in no wind or light breeze condition
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Vamp Devil Quad
Vamp Devil Quad
The first true easy-to-fly and tons-of-fun quad.
The 3D tubing tail is always the focal point in the air.
The tail can be easily attached or removed with the loop-n-hook system.
It is built to perform, with or without the tail, solo or in team,
VampDevil Quad will certainly attract attention....more

2015 New
Duende 2.4
Duende 2.4 is a full size tricks kite with unparalleled ability and control.
In comparison to Duende 2.2 Duende 2.4 has a wider range of actions
that it performs easily. The increase in wings sail has enhanced the precision
and stability of maneuvering of Duende 2.4

GraceGrace has a unique dual sails with an air foil profile
which enables extensive gliding capability.
It can be flown in blustery winds with ease and glides
in windless conditions with Grace.

Wacky JellyWacky Jelly
Pop out from the package and ready to fly,
no assembly necessary.
This adorable, yet a bit naughty, 3-D critter is
absolutely easy to fly and no small parts to loose.

uende is a small size tricks kite with unparalleled agility and control . It is highly recommended for pilot who seeks for ultimate tricks and pushes trick flying envelops. Advanced action such as Taz Machine can be easily done on this unique trick kite...more.


WalaThe next evolution in Silver Fox family of kites.
The weight, sail profile and bridles all have been fine tuned and upgraded to
a level that enables the flyers to execute the most advanced tricks easily and fluently.
Silver Fox 2.3 PRO empowers the instant improvement in your flying skills
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airWaveWale XL is a mega version of the original Wala:
It has more than 200% sail area of the Wala.
It comes with a 90ft long tail.
With a low weight to sail-area ratio, it makes turns in small radius and glides gracefully.
The Wala XL can be double-folded to 3ft inlength for easy carrying....more...

InsyncWala is designed to “glide” in both indoor and outdoor no wind to low wind conditions. It is very balanced and can be controlled to glide elegantly by pulling or releasing the flying line. It can also be flown as a traditional single line kite in low to mid wind conditions...more
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